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Acheivers Ra Bhai Meeru – Congratulations Pelli Choopulu

Sanjeevi PHVA April 7, 2017 1766 No Comments


Congratulations Pelli Choopulu team on receiving the most prestigious National award. We couldn’t be any happier on hearing this. Proud of you guys man because you guys have proven that with the right content and a dedicated team edaina sadhinchachu.

Oka cinema bagunda leda anedi senseless comedy meeda, anavaramaina songs meeda, BP patients aina villains & Heroes meeda depend avutunna time lo asalu ivevi lekunda kevalam oka simple and sweet story with very subtle and natural performances toh achieve chesaru.

Recently Pelli choopulu movie director Tharun Bhascker ma team Navika Factory toh chit chat chesinappudu chala topics gurinchi on & off camera open ga maatladukunnam, Ah discussions lo Tharun shared his experiences on how bloody difficult it was finding a producer and the man management skills which he gained during the shoot( janala egos ni manage cheyadam, vallu hurt kakunda chusukovadam) . It’s because of that conversation we learnt many new things. Thanks a lot Tharun for that.

Here is the Recent Interview of tharun:-

And we would like to specially thank the film’s producers Raj Kandukuri & Yash Rangineni for making this film coz ippudu unna current trend where a producer believes in a formula rather than the scripts strength , ilanti movie ni produce cheyadaniki oppukovadam anedi its amazing.

We Team NAVIKA FACTORY salute you guys for giving a hope to many upcoming film makers like us and also once again congratulations on the success.

P.S – Acheivers ra bhai meeru.

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