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Rajinikanth’s Real Fight With Kabali In His Teenage

Sanjeevi PHVA April 4, 2017 1608 2 Comments


Nanna pandule gumpuga vastai, Simham single ga vastundi ane dialogue ki audience ela react ayyaro manaki baaga telusu but Rajini sir ah dialogue movie lo cheppekanna mundara aayana chinappude real life almost alanti scene eh experience chesaru anedi enta mandiki telusu?



As per the book ” Rajinikanth , The Definitive Biography” an incident took place where Rajini sir oka local most wanted goonda ni chaava baadaru.

In Author’s & Rajini sir’s own words about the incident –

When Shivaji Rao Gaekwad  was 16 going on 17, an event took place that he remembers to this day.
‘ I grew up in an area where there were a lot of rowdies and goonda elements. One night my friend Kitta and i were coming out of a movie theatre when this thug started beating kitta up’, says shivaji. Apparents the goon had taken umbrage to Kitta making eyes at a local girl .

 Ila ammai la kosam godava padatam anedi anaadi ga vastuna aacharam anukunta

As Kitta continued getting thrashed, Shivaji couldn’t bear it any more and intervened – he started hitting the thug.

 Kabaali Da!! 

Kitta was shocked , and beseeched Shivaji not to get into it, as the thug was notorious killer called ‘Murder’ Krishna who even the police were afraid of. Upon hearing this , Shivaji ran for dear life, with Kitta at his heels,

Shivaji says, ‘ I didn’t realize that i was hitting such a terror!’ . He took refuge in the safe haven of his home for two days. Meanwhile , truckloads of Krishna’s henchmen were combing the streets of the locality looking for the boy who had dared to hit their master. After two days of being sequestered, Shivaji decided to end matters once and for all. Without his family’s knowledge, he scaled the wall of his home, went straight to Krishna’s den and told him , ‘Yes, i hit you. Now will you cut me apart? Go ahead!  Krishna started at the lad for a while and finally told him to leave.

Just imagine this scene in a movie, hero ki build up scene laga..and that too Rajini sir introduction aite, ahaa…makki kirikiri untadi .


‘ I became a big “dada” after that as the person who beat Krishna up,’ Shivaji says with a laugh.

‘ How long could i hide? I decided to finish matters one way or the other. After all, we live only few years. I’ll never forget that incident.

Thaliava filmy style lo cheppali ante ” Nannna! manam bhathikede konnaallu!! Daakkuni pirikivaadila brathakatam kante!! Edirinchi dhayryavanthudiga chanipovatame manchidi ” 





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