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Sex Worker’s Marriage Proposal To Our Late Prime Minister

Sanjeevi PHVA April 15, 2017 1739 No Comments


Normal ga oka mogadiki tana anthatiki taanu ga oka pelli sambandham vachindi ante inka vaadu maamulu anandam lo undadu. Kaani ah marriage proposal if from a sex worker? Asalu evaraina accept chestara? I know bongu bhee accept cheyaru, manake inta feeling undante just imagine mana late Prime Minister ki ela undi untundi.

Gangubai Kothewali,  okappudu Mumbai loni enno brothels ki eevida head unde. Ippatiki ah brothels lo aavida idols and photos ni poojistaru because she offered protection to women who were forced into the sex trade.

As mentioned in the book “ Mafia Queens of Mumbai”

In the author’s own words –

Early in the year 1960, authorities of the St. Anthony’s Girls High School as well as the locals living in the vicinity of Kamathipura, wanted part of the red light belt evacuated because they felt that the sex workers could have a negative influence on the minds of the young students. The school authorities cited that the prostitution could not be carried out within 200 yards from an educational institution. A strong movement picked up against the presence of the red light zone. There were constant agitations and meetings with the civic authorities; but both parties refused to budge from their position.

When the anti prostitution sentiment swelled , sex workers sought Gangubai’s help and she successfully spearheaded the movement against the evacuation of sex workers from the belt.

In a private meeting with Pandit Nehru, She explained him the importance of the red light area in Mumbai and the need to protect it. Gangubai is also said to have convinced and impressed Nehru with her wit and clarity of thought. During the meeting Nehru asked her why she had gotten into the business when she could have easily landed herself a good job or husband.

Dauntless Gangubai is said to have thrown a proposal at him. She told him that if he was ready to make her Mrs Nehru, she would be willing to abandon her business for good. Nehru was taken aback and censured her for having dared to talk to him like that . But calm Gangubai smiled and said ‘Dont get angry pradhan mantriji. I just wanted to prove a point; it is always easier to preach than practise.’ Nehru remained silent. ( Aaayana expression ela undi untundo just imagine)

At the end of the meeting, Nehru , who had bluntly rejected her second proposal, gave in to Gangubai’s first demand and also promised to look into the matter. Following the intervention of the government, the movement to displace the sex workers died a quick death.

Manam mana office lo higher officials toh sarigga maatladadanike ucha padipotundi, alantidi eevida country higher official toh ala ela anesindo ardam kavatledu.

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